Two poems forthcoming!

Happy to announce that I have two poems forthcoming, one in Star*Line 46.2 and one in Eye to the Telescope Issue 48, the Fungi Issue. The poem appearing in ETTT is entitled, “hyphae hot pot.”

Both poems reference outer space and food, yum yum!

“two glottal stops” poem now available in Star*Line!

Happy to announce that my poem, “two glottal stops,” is now available to read with a purchase of the most recent issue of Star*Line!

Many thanks to Editor Jean-Paul L. Garnier and the editorial/production team.


Appearance on Draxtor’s Second Life Book Club!

I’m happy to announce that you can find a digitally avatar of my being roaming Draxtor’s Second Life Book Club on Wednesday, January 18, 12pm PDT/ 3pm EST. Actually, I’m told we will do less roaming and more sitting and chatting about books. Draxtor’s team specially crafted an avatar for me… I asked to be a cyborg. It’s been a really interesting experience going through the tech check, as it’s my first time using Second Life.

We will be discussing stories from Life Beyond Us, edited by Julie Nováková and presented by the European Astrobiology Institute. Julie will be there, as well as some of the other contributors. The anthology has a unique feature: it pairs each science fiction story with a science essay. The story that I will have published in the anthology is entitled “The Mirror Symphony.” The anthology will be out for purchase on Earth Day, April 2023!

Looking forward to meeting everyone through the virtual medium of Second Life!

Short story reprints and contributor copies!

I received my contributor copy for The Year’s Top Robot and AI Stories, edited by Allan Kaster. It looks great! I like the varied cool and stern looking robots on the cover of the book. These robots, who are standing face forward as if about to face off with the reader, are quite intricate and menacing, with effuse light passing through their glass/translucent elements. Though maybe I shouldn’t judge their nonhuman expressions as menacing… maybe they are kind and generous, and that’s just how their organic/mechanical bodies display that benevolence. I guess I won’t know until I interact with them!

Also excited to share a Table of Contents with some other wonderful writers!

My story in the anthology is “Mixology for Humanity’s Sake” first published in Make Shift edited by Gideon Lichfield and published by MIT Press.

Good news–the same story will also be republished in Forever Magazine, edited by Neil Clarke. Forthcoming!

Glad the story is getting out there in more venues than one!

December is a month for good spirits and cheer…

Happy holidays everyone!

Hope you enjoy the winter festivities and lights!

NIGHT, RAIN, AND NEON cyberpunk anthology available for preorder

My story, “VR Enclave,” is included in the cyberpunk anthology by Newcon Press, Night, Rain, and Neon, edited by Michael Cobley.

Many thanks to Ian Whates and the editing and publishing team.

The anthology is now available for preorder here.

Featuring stories by:

by Keith Brooke, Eric Brown, Louise Carey, Joseph Elliott-Coleman, Gary Gibson, Jon Courtenay Grimwood, Stewart Hotston, Tim Maughan, Ian McDonald, Callum McSorley, Simon Morden, T.R. Napper, Al Robertson, Justina Robson, Gavin G. Smith, Jeremy Szal, Danie Ware, Corey J. White and yours truly!


Just thought I’d swing in and say that I’m at DisCon III!

Ping me to say hi.

Enjoyed the Medieval Dance last night and chats with writers. My plan is to be walking with the stars this morning at 9 a.m. and then enjoying the con from there.

Hope to see you here in D.C.!