“Sunbasker” forthcoming in URB’s Broad Knowledge anthology!

Short story “Sunbasker” accepted in Upper Rubber Boot’s Broad Knowledge anthology!

D.A. Xiaolin Spires Sunbasker science fiction

On Broad Knowledge from Upper Rubber Boot‘s website: “This anthology will be themed around the idea of knowledge (learning/science/education/training/etc). Stories may be funny or serious, set anywhere on or off the world, in any time period, but must feature female protagonists whose knowledge is integral to the plot/conflict.”

author’s scribbles:

i wrote this inspired by a mural of taipei at taipei airport, clacking away on my laptop with a fury at the terminal gate, raising eyes and soliciting looks, as people tend to look when i begin my dizzying flight of fingers over this slab of keys in apparent disregard for everything happening around me. especially when the story comes to me in some kind of strange osmosis from another dimension, which sometimes happens— and i feel like i’m simply transcribing with incredible urgency a story that already preexisted somewhere. that happened then and even when they started boarding, my fingers could not leave my keyboard. even when the last moment had arrived, and i could no longer rest easily on those cushioned seats (lest i miss my flight), i felt as if i was still polishing off the story in my head as i was standing on line, waiting for my ticket stub to be scanned.

but, this was a story already percolating. i had visited maokong and met with tea growers and purveyors quite a few times and its beauty nestled into the depths of my being… i could feel this sense of wonder ballooning in me, waiting for an appropriate vessel to take off in.

if you can’t tell, i’m excited my story found a home in this wonderful anthology! celebrating women and their knowledge and skill sets and crafted into the realm of the dark and speculative. it’ll be out in early 2019, so keep your eyes peeled!


Hurrah! An interactive fiction acceptance in Gathering Storm Magazine.

My interactive fiction (IF) short story, “Hanging with the Cockroach Lord” has been accepted in Gathering Storm Magazine.



Their magazine is suffused with conflict and they pride in taking their readers and transporting them away from known worlds.

Every issue deals with several themes, that can be found in their stories. The themes are old sayings, proverbs, or maxims.

Themes for the upcoming issue are:

  • Trial by fire

  • An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth

  • Let not the sun go down on your wrath

  • Better late than never

Around which theme does my story “Hanging with the Cockroach Lord” revolve?

You’ll have to see when it comes out! 🙂


For potential submitters, Gathering Storm Magazine pays $25 for each accepted story 2000 words or less. Interactive Fiction submissions are also encouraged.

It’s a rather new magazine (the first issue released in January 2017) with already three issues to boast of. Editions are available on pdf and on ibook, or as a hard copy through Amazon.

Join Editors-in-Chiefs Michael & Cindy McHenry as they unfurl the mast and set sail through the Gathering Storm, taking us along on their adventuresome ride.


New flash fiction on Amazon!

Einstein Ring D.A. Xiaolin Spires
In this flash short story, Einstein Ring, Spires takes you on an exquisitely crafted journey through the mechanics of a raw and heartfelt confrontation. Poetic and energetic, the work reads like an electric surge of current— charged and dynamic. With references to the expanse of space and relative speed and motion, Einstein Ring raises metaphysical questions that bear on our human endeavor for real contact and meaning.
Note: It should really say on the cover ‘published & forthcoming’ in those magazines, rather than just ‘published.’ But, I figure by the time people view this I should be published in them, or very soon at least! The description does say ‘published & forthcoming…’

Story acceptance in Grievous Angel!

I just heard word that my story “Bubblegum Botress” is accepted for publication in Grievous Angel.

It’s a flash fiction piece of about 500 words with an atom/cyberpunk feel.

“Bubblegum Botress” is not published yet (forthcoming), but you can check out other fun works of SFF & poetry here on their site:

Grievous Angel Banner

From their website, “Urban Fantasist Grievous Angel – fresh free-to-read science fiction and fantasy flash fiction and poetry, including scifaiku and haiga.”

Also: “The Urban Fantasist website is now averaging over 3000 page views daily and 95,000 page views a month.”

That’s a lot of readership!

They pay pro-rates to their authors so anyone interested should submit!

As a big fan of scifaiku, haiga and minimalist works, I can’t stress enough how happy I am that there are such venues that showcase such swift, compelling reads.

I’m very glad to be a part of their creation.

Workshopping my novel draft: Sat. 8/5

If you’re in Taipei or might be coming to Taipei in early August, maybe you would consider engaging with me in the writing process?

My novel manuscript Silkspun is being workshopped on Sat. August 5th in the afternoon in a cafe/bar/place in Taipei. Details on meetup, but you’ll have to join the group first.

It’s a great group of well-read people and I look forward to any insight I can get!


Novella meeting- check! And mangoes.



What do you do when you’re at a sci-fi & fantasy novella meeting, it’s a sweltering near 100 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re sitting outside at the balcony, desperately hoping the fan will whip some activity into your brain? Why, partake in some juicy, seasonally fresh mango slush, of course!

And why not? This being Taiwan, home of extraordinary mangoes. 

So, here I am, sipping on my mango drink, a pleasurable chill against the heat, listening to comments and critiques on a thrilling SFF story, thinking, “What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.” Talking monsters, tech, cars, assassins and the post-apocalypse.

As more fellow members and readers share their comments, I watch the condensation trickle down the sides of the mango slush glass, soak into the napkin-coaster and drench the fibers completely. Soggy, saturated to the brim, mired in the deposits of humidity from the air—much like our brains that day: immersed, wrinkled, mired in deposits of curiosities, critiques and insight, sloshing about in its cerebrospinal fluid.

Jostled more often than not– by an intriguing idea.

Launching a Patreon!

I love and enjoy the process of writing and I would be enthralled to keep doing that with your support. I’ll keep clacking away on these keys, drawing out outlines, finessing together plots– and breathing some authorial life into new characters, worlds and universes. I want to keep writing sci-fi, fantasy and the cosmically weird.

So– drumroll– I launched a Patreon. This enables you, as my wondrous and all-too-generous visitor/reader/possible-patron, to keep up to date with my writing progress, to get an inside look at this recently-greased, shiny machinery that exists in my head. I’ll announce new works that I have finished/thrown into the markets for sale, post videos and behind-the-scenes content and I’ll mail physical goodies at certain tiers.

My Goals (updated) by the end of 2017:

  • Continue crafting my novels
  • Submit ten sci-fi/fantasy short stories to professional publications
  • Submit three speculative poems to poetry publications
  • Expand the boundaries of my writing with experimental works
  • Dabble in the minimal: nanofiction, microfiction and scifaikus
  • Experiment with more fascinating content

Please take part in the creative process here on Patreon!

“Twisted Knots” to appear in Clarkesworld

My story “Twisted Knots” was accepted in Clarkesworld.

I’m thrilled about this acceptance in Clarkesworld Magazine! Also very grateful that the talented Kate Baker will be narrating my story as a podcast.

Clarkesworld Magazine Banner

It’s amazing to be a part of this esteemed speculative fiction magazine, which has won a World Fantasy Award, three Hugo Awards, and a British Fantasy Award. Their stories have invariably featured compelling concepts, beautiful prose, rich characters and — often address existential questions and other interesting vagaries — that an inquisitive mind can spend hours pondering over. Lots of action and spirited fun, too!

My forthcoming story, “Twisted Knots,” includes elements of 布袋戲 bùdàixì (pòo-tē-hì) (ㄅㆦᒻㄉㆤ⊦ㄏㄧᒻ), puppetry art originated in Fujian and popularized in Taiwan.

There are several centers, museums and stages near/around Taipei dedicated to the art of puppetry. Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum台原亞洲偶戲博物館 is a good source (though the website mostly in Chinese).

This blog has also some photos and information in English.

Thought I’d share some of the photos I took while browsing one exhibition. They had puppets from all around the world:

Taiwan PuppetTaiwan Puppet


Clarkesworld accepts submissions online. Their turnover time is astoundingly fast, which is wonderful on the writer’s end. Clarkesworld rejections arrive typically within a few days, while submissions under review for further consideration and eventual acceptances understandably take longer. It’s great to try submitting to Clarkesworld, as their fast response time really helps writers who are eager to move their pieces along through the slush piles in hopes for a ‘golden ticket’ of acceptance.

If interested, one can support Clarkesworld through anthology purchases or on Patreon.