“Twisted Knots” to appear in Clarkesworld

My story “Twisted Knots” was accepted in Clarkesworld.

I’m thrilled about this acceptance in Clarkesworld Magazine! Also very grateful that the talented Kate Baker will be narrating my story as a podcast.

Clarkesworld Magazine Banner

It’s amazing to be a part of this esteemed speculative fiction magazine, which has won a World Fantasy Award, three Hugo Awards, and a British Fantasy Award. Their stories have invariably featured compelling concepts, beautiful prose, rich characters and — often address existential questions and other interesting vagaries — that an inquisitive mind can spend hours pondering over. Lots of action and spirited fun, too!

My forthcoming story, “Twisted Knots,” includes elements of 布袋戲 bùdàixì (pòo-tē-hì) (ㄅㆦᒻㄉㆤ⊦ㄏㄧᒻ), puppetry art originated in Fujian and popularized in Taiwan.

There are several centers, museums and stages near/around Taipei dedicated to the art of puppetry. Taiyuan Asian Puppet Theatre Museum台原亞洲偶戲博物館 is a good source (though the website mostly in Chinese).

This blog has also some photos and information in English.

Thought I’d share some of the photos I took while browsing one exhibition. They had puppets from all around the world:

Taiwan PuppetTaiwan Puppet


Clarkesworld accepts submissions online. Their turnover time is astoundingly fast, which is wonderful on the writer’s end. Clarkesworld rejections arrive typically within a few days, while submissions under review for further consideration and eventual acceptances understandably take longer. It’s great to try submitting to Clarkesworld, as their fast response time really helps writers who are eager to move their pieces along through the slush piles in hopes for a ‘golden ticket’ of acceptance.

If interested, one can support Clarkesworld through anthology purchases or on Patreon.



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