Novella meeting- check! And mangoes.



What do you do when you’re at a sci-fi & fantasy novella meeting, it’s a sweltering near 100 degrees Fahrenheit and you’re sitting outside at the balcony, desperately hoping the fan will whip some activity into your brain? Why, partake in some juicy, seasonally fresh mango slush, of course!

And why not? This being Taiwan, home of extraordinary mangoes. 

So, here I am, sipping on my mango drink, a pleasurable chill against the heat, listening to comments and critiques on a thrilling SFF story, thinking, “What a delightful way to spend a Saturday afternoon.” Talking monsters, tech, cars, assassins and the post-apocalypse.

As more fellow members and readers share their comments, I watch the condensation trickle down the sides of the mango slush glass, soak into the napkin-coaster and drench the fibers completely. Soggy, saturated to the brim, mired in the deposits of humidity from the air—much like our brains that day: immersed, wrinkled, mired in deposits of curiosities, critiques and insight, sloshing about in its cerebrospinal fluid.

Jostled more often than not– by an intriguing idea.


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