Story acceptance in Grievous Angel!

I just heard word that my story “Bubblegum Botress” is accepted for publication in Grievous Angel.

It’s a flash fiction piece of about 500 words with an atom/cyberpunk feel.

“Bubblegum Botress” is not published yet (forthcoming), but you can check out other fun works of SFF & poetry here on their site:

Grievous Angel Banner

From their website, “Urban Fantasist Grievous Angel – fresh free-to-read science fiction and fantasy flash fiction and poetry, including scifaiku and haiga.”

Also: “The Urban Fantasist website is now averaging over 3000 page views daily and 95,000 page views a month.”

That’s a lot of readership!

They pay pro-rates to their authors so anyone interested should submit!

As a big fan of scifaiku, haiga and minimalist works, I can’t stress enough how happy I am that there are such venues that showcase such swift, compelling reads.

I’m very glad to be a part of their creation.


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