“Sunbasker” forthcoming in URB’s Broad Knowledge anthology!

Short story “Sunbasker” accepted in Upper Rubber Boot’s Broad Knowledge anthology!

D.A. Xiaolin Spires Sunbasker science fiction

On Broad Knowledge from Upper Rubber Boot‘s website: “This anthology will be themed around the idea of knowledge (learning/science/education/training/etc). Stories may be funny or serious, set anywhere on or off the world, in any time period, but must feature female protagonists whose knowledge is integral to the plot/conflict.”

author’s scribbles:

i wrote this inspired by a mural of taipei at taipei airport, clacking away on my laptop with a fury at the terminal gate, raising eyes and soliciting looks, as people tend to look when i begin my dizzying flight of fingers over this slab of keys in apparent disregard for everything happening around me. especially when the story comes to me in some kind of strange osmosis from another dimension, which sometimes happens— and i feel like i’m simply transcribing with incredible urgency a story that already preexisted somewhere. that happened then and even when they started boarding, my fingers could not leave my keyboard. even when the last moment had arrived, and i could no longer rest easily on those cushioned seats (lest i miss my flight), i felt as if i was still polishing off the story in my head as i was standing on line, waiting for my ticket stub to be scanned.

but, this was a story already percolating. i had visited maokong and met with tea growers and purveyors quite a few times and its beauty nestled into the depths of my being… i could feel this sense of wonder ballooning in me, waiting for an appropriate vessel to take off in.

if you can’t tell, i’m excited my story found a home in this wonderful anthology! celebrating women and their knowledge and skill sets and crafted into the realm of the dark and speculative. it’ll be out in early 2019, so keep your eyes peeled!


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