“Prasetyo Plastics” accepted in Clarkesworld!

Opening today’s inbox was like unwrapping the unadorned bamboo-leaf zong zi and finding a delicious, gustatorially evocative treat of meat-filled sticky rice within.

Or, for a Javanese cuisine reference, unwrapping the unadorned banana-leaf botok, and finding the rich, spiced lemon basil coconut flesh within.

(Okay, those were strange analogies… and also a mouthful…)

Which is to say…

My story, “Prasetyo Plastics” (SF), is accepted in Clarkesworld, for the November issue.

It’s my second story published by their magazine this year, and in general, so I’m quite excited!

Given the title of my work, maybe I should have made a plastics analogy to start off with–Like opening a plastic Easter egg and finding chocolates within? But that’s not quite the right season– oh wait, how about: Reaching into a plastic pumpkin and grabbing a handful of Snickers? Still doesn’t have the same feel. Hm…

(Background photo cred: JJ Ying)


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