A microstory on Story Seed Vault!

I have a new microstory up on Story Seed Vault.

This one’s a bittersweet (swift) tale of life and how swiftly it can be wrenched away– and humanity’s ways of dealing with the corporeal remains.

Perhaps to have the body slip away, just as easily as the soul, allows for more… metaphysical congruence? Or do humans need the physicality of something to hold onto to make it feel real?

That and a heartwarming personal correspondence with editor Alex Massey. I always enjoy Alex’s editorial comments and insight!


“Prasetyo Plastics” is now up on Clarkesworld!

“Prasetyo Plastics” is now available to read on Clarkesworld! So is the podcast, narrated by the talented Kate Baker.

Very excited and can’t wait to read the rest of the stories this month!



…and then there’s this:


That means they chose 4 out of 1452, a staggering 0.275% acceptance rate for this month’s issue.

(If that number includes reprints, then the acceptance rate would be a tad higher, but I’m guessing not by much.

–My mind is blown.

And how do they manage to coordinate such a Herculean effort of reading so many submissions, while maintaining such reasonable response times?)


I want to say more about the story, but I’m worried I’ll give the plot away, so I’ll just let the story speak for itself!




“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” accepted in Issue #69 of Andromeda Spaceways!

Andromeda Spaceways sent an acceptance on October 31st, a perfect Halloween trick-or-treat… treat!

(I imagine reaching into Andromeda Spaceway’s hollowed-out plastic pumpkin–sitting in the kitchen of the flight cabin, no doubt–and picking up a shiny ‘YAY!’

-which I thought at first didn’t make sense because I wasn’t sure if people in Australia celebrate Halloween, but… it looks some do!)

To be fair, it was probably November 1st in Australia by then, but my digital clock, time zones away, was still reflecting the ghoulish nighttime of All Hallows’ Eve.

Andromeda Spaceways prides itself as “Australia’s Pulpiest SF Magazine.” It’s a semi-pro zine, whose selection process involves reading blind/anonymized, meaning that names and contact info are removed before the first and second readers vet the slush pile–and the editors select pieces without knowing who writes the piece (only to find out after the selection process– I imagine it’s like pushing the button on The Voice, turning around with the rotating chair, and, jaw agape, thinking, “Oh, that’s who it is!”)

I received some wonderful comments from the slush readers in the acceptance email and, as it’s my first piece accepted by ASIM (Andromeda Spaceways was formerly Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine (hence the ‘I’ in ASIM)), I’m excited to see it published in print.

ASIM received submissions and have published stories by Hugo and Nebula winners, such as Ken Liu, Rachel Swirsky, and Jim C. Hines.

Print and e-copies available of the magazine here.

Also, another writer’s journey to publication in ASIM (from 2014), which I thought was enlightening.

Now I just have to–

–buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Background photos by Jeremy Thomas and Rodion Kutsaev