End of the year… Award eligibility!

I have several works published this year eligible for award nomination under the category short story.

These are the two I’m recommending for award readers:

    • “Prasetyo Plastics” —
      • Clarkesworld read
      • Clarkesworld podcast listen
    • “Twisted Knots” —
      • Clarkesworld read
      • Clarkesworld podcast listen


These also qualify in the short story category:

    • “Bubblegum Botress” — Grievous Angel read
    • “Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” — Andromeda Spaceways, Issue #69, Dec. 2017 buy
    • “Vishwajeet: Conquerer of the Universe” — Broken Eye Books anthology, Ride the Star Wind buy
    • “A Wispy Chastening” — Reckoning #2 buy / read
    • “Hanging with the Cockroach Lord” (Interactive Fiction)
      — Gathering Storm Magazine buy


And… poetry!

    • “a battleground courses in jingfei” — Liminality, Issue #14, “Nuclear Winter,” Winter 2017-2018 read
    • “Alternate Universe Haiku: Uniformity” — scifaiku in Eye to the Telescope, Issue #24, April 2017, read
    • “martian rover jeepneys” — LONTAR Issue #9, Autumn 2017, buy
    • “ketchup / catsup / kecap” — LONTAR Issue #9, Autumn 2017, buy
    • spring in antarctica — Star*Line (Journal of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association), Issue #40.4, Fall 2017 buy
    • “Release” — haiga (illustrated haiku) Grievous Angel read


If anyone is reading and has trouble accessing any copies, please contact me.

This is my first year publishing SFF & speculative fiction, so I’m not sure how everything goes but am picking it up as I go along! If there’s anything I’m missing or misunderstanding, please feel free to give me a holler!


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