“pacemaker” poem now up on Eye to the Telescope!

My poem “pacemaker” is now up!

once the pacemaker
ba-dum ba-dum
resounds in her chest
for the first time—
she wonders
if cyborg, where are my powers?
laser eyes, taser lips
but all she had was an
electronic heart—

Eye to the Telescope, Issue 28
Theme: Time
Thanks to Editor Holly Lyn Walrath!

Original photos by: Heather Zabriskie and Designecologist


“astronaut ice cream” poem accepted in Polu Texni!

My poem “astronaut ice cream” is accepted and forthcoming in Polu Texni!

Polu Texni.png

From the Polu Texni website:
“Polu Texni (πολύ τεχνικός) is a Greek phrase meaning many arts. It’s the same root word as polytechnic. Polu Texni is a web magazine about mixed-media arts and speculative or weird fiction. We’re interested in the intersection where different media, styles, crafts, and genres meet to create something more interesting than what they would be alone.”

Thanks to Editor Dawn Albright!