“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” is coming to you in a podcast episode in StarShipSofa!

Happy to announce that “Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” will appear in podcast form in StarShipSofa! So excited!

The story originally appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Magazine and was chosen for the year’s best issue.

I’m glad to see that this tale of AI bravery will be coming alive in multiple ways—and given the many languages in the story, I can’t wait to hear the final narration!

—with thanks to EIC Jeremy Szal, Associate Editor Gary Dowell, Producer Tony C. Smith & the editorial team!

“20 mechanical catcalls…” now available in Future Visions anthology on Amazon!

“20 mechanical catcalls hitting Meifeng square in the face on the streets of New York City in 2025” is now available to read in the Future Visions anthology, edited by Brian J. Walton.

You can read the story for free on Amazon with a subscription of Kindle Unlimited, or otherwise the anthology is 99 cents to buy! The paperback is on sale now, too! 

My story “Pendants of Precariousness” is accepted and forthcoming in Fireside Fiction! 📿

I’m happy to announce that my story “Pendants of Precariousness” is accepted and forthcoming in Fireside Fiction! 📿📿📿

This will be my second time published in Fireside and I can’t wait! Also looking forward to all the other wonderful, impactful stories in the lineup to come.

—with thanks to Julia Rios, Elsa Sjunneson-Henry, Pablo Defendini, Meg Frank, Brian White and the rest of the Fireside team!

My novelette “Vault” is now published in Clarkesworld!

My novelette “Vault” is now published and free to read in Clarkesworld!

This is my longest published work of fiction to date—I’m quite excited about this!

—with thanks to Editor Neil Clarke and the Clarkesworld team.

The cover of the issue, “The Storkfriars” by Sean Andrew Murray, is also stunning and visually captivating! Look at those sharp angles of those beaks juxtaposed against the otherwise curvy backdrop of that arch behind them (framing the centered subject of attention), yet with a hint of that sharpness in the upper-right minaret-like structure. And the colors! Just draws your eyes right to these creatures.