My WorldCon 2018 schedule is now up!

I will be attending WorldCon 2018 in San José, CA, participating in panels, academic presentations and other events. Come stop by and say hi!


  • Hugo Finalist for Best Semiprozine Fireside has a reading slot and I will be there (Friday, Aug. 17, 10am, 211A) reading my forthcoming story “Pendants of Precariousness.”


  • Come learn about how and why I choose particular names for characters! (Friday, Aug. 17, 11am, 212D)
    (Incidentally, Chinese naming numerology or consultations with fortune tellers may be part of the process of selecting names in Chinese-speaking parts of the world. If I get a chance, I’ll elaborate on this.)


  • I would be thrilled if you shared a coffee/beverage and chat with me at the casual and friendly Kaffeeklatsch. (Saturday, Aug. 18, 2pm, 211B1)


  • Interested in smart cities and urban planning within and beyond SFF literature? I will be moderating a panel on the subject. (Saturday, Aug. 18, 4pm, 210B)


  • Want to go for a casual promenade, a nice relaxing walk outside? I’ll be there, with my shoes laced (or sandals slipped on), ready for a prance. (Sunday, Aug. 19, 9am, Lower Level Plaza)


  • Enjoy eating and stories of the future? I’ll bring my best slides and snacks for “Test-tube Reared and Seared”—my academic presentation on foods of the future and in science fiction. We’ll talk cultured meats, social meanings of consumption, constructing bodies and SFF stories. It would be great to see you there, munching on imported snacks. (I’m thinking of bringing some Japanese or Chinese snacks/candies… not sure which ones yet.) (Sunday, Aug. 19, 3pm, 211D)

Hope to see you there. If you see me walking around, feel free to wave me down and say hi!

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