My novelette, “Vault,” is recommended by Karen @ Locus!

My parkouring, abandoned-zone-discovering** novelette, “Vault,” in the June issue of Clarkesworld is recommended by Karen Burnham at Locus Magazine!

According to the review, Karen Burnham is picking up the reins where Gardner Dozois left off, highlighting voices and bringing some attention to SFF short stories! Yay!



**Apologies—lots of words cobbled together there—this is probably me trying to approximate Japanese (wherein a whole clause can serve as an adjective). I’m writing this early in the morning and my mind is probably still switching from dreamspace to wakespace.

(Also, keyboards should have an “—” (em-dash) key. My waking mind is also realizing that the term “em-dash” doesn’t even have the — in it, but rather has the regular dash, which is not really ironic (?), per se, but kind of interesting.)




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