“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” now available to read in Estonian!

“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” aka “Suvu ehk uljaspäine armastus” is out now in Estonian translation in Reaktor!

—with thanks to:
translator Talvike Mändla
Reaktor EIC Triin Loide

Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #69 edited by Tom Dullemond & selected for the Year’s Best issue.

It’s so fun seeing my stories in other languages. I’m looking through this to see if I can read any of it (if there are any cognates) and I see:

programmeeritud = programmed
plastmassist = plastic
innovaatilist= innovative
komponentide = components
atmosfääri = atmosphere
kontaktid= contacts
advokaatidest = lawyers
meloodilise= melodic

and my faves:
tualettpaberi = toilet paper
spiraalseid galaktikaid = spiral galaxies

and false cognates such as:
armastus, which I thought meant “armistice” but means “love” (though I guess a truce for peace is a kind of love?)

I also like these words:
töötleb = left behind. (Just the two ö’s seem neat to me.)
sõnaassotsiatsioone = word associations
ajalooprofessor= history professor (I enjoy these compound words.)

Doing all this translation look-up, I noticed that the ending “d” seems to pluralize nouns and on verbs in some cases makes it past tense. I looked it up and it’s only for some conjugations. This is all very interesting.