2018 Awards Eligibilty (fiction)

For those of you nominating for awards, here are some stories (one novelette and the rest short stories) of mine published this year (2018) that are eligible for awards.


“Vault” — Clarkesworld, read / listen

Short stories:

“Waves of Influence” — Clarkesworld, read / listen

“Marshmallows” — Clarkesworld read / listen

“Five Tangibles and One” — Terraform (Vice: Motherboard), read

“The Weeping Bolo” — Mad Scientist Journal anthology, Battling in All Her Finery, edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman

“Path to Infinity” — Kasma SF, read

Flash Fiction (Short stories):

“Pendants of Precariousness” — Fireside, read

“Before the Burst” — Fireside, read

“Ferromagnetism” — Nature: Futures, read

“DNA exchange” — Nature: Futures, read

“Eyes that Linger” — Galaxy’s Edge

“The Astounding Life of Penny Wu” — Factor Four Magazine

“Missed Connections of the Cosmic Aluminum-Alloyed Kind” — Outlook Springs

“Twelve/Twelve” — Kraxon Magazine read

“20 mechanical catcalls hitting Meifeng square in the face on the streets of New York City in 2025” — Future Visions anthology, edited by Brian J. Walton

“Okuritsuridashi” — Factor Four Magazine, read


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