“Caihong Juji” will be available in Japanese in Kaguya Planet!

I am happy to announce that my short story, “Caihong Juji,” originally published in Robot Dinosaurs! will be translated into Japanese (entitled「虹色恐竜」 ) by translator 勝山海百合 Umiyuri Katsuyama. More information is available on Umiyuri’s blog (in Japanese). 

I’m excited to see it in print! Thanks Umiyuri and the editorial team at Kaguya Planet!

Edited to Add:

Translator Umiyuri wears multiple hats–she also writes speculative fiction and her work has won accolades. Check out this write-up of Umiyuri’s work by Toshiya Kamei. There are many links in this article to her work, readily available to read in English and other languages online.