Events/appearances where you can see me in the pixelated and/or non-pixelated flesh and blood! Also, interviews!

    • Tipsy Nerds Book Club Podcast– ~40-minute interview (released December 19, 2019) with hosts Natalie Wright and Robyn Dabney. The premise: “Each week, we recreate a fictional drink from the story—or create one inspired by the story—and drink it while podcasting.” Here are some photos of drinks inspired by my “Marshmallows” story, based on (modified) recipes by the hosts and with alcohol and ingredient suggestions by yours truly.
    • Uncanny Podcast – Short interview with host and editor Lynne M. Thomas after the short story “Nutrition Facts” narration (released November 5, 2019).
    • Worldcon 76 – Aug 16-20, 2018, San José Convention Center, California, USA

      Friday, 8/17:

      10am-11am | Reading for Fireside Magazine (211A)

      11am-12pm | The Power of Names (212D)

      Saturday, 8/18:

      8am-10am | Codex breakfast

      2pm-3pm | Kaffeeklatsch (211B1)

      4pm-5pm | Tech Towns and Smart Cities (210 B)

      Sunday, 8/19:

      9am-10am Stroll with the Stars (Lower Level Plaza)

      3pm-4pm Test-tube Reared and Seared (Academic Presentation, 211D)

    • Mad Scientist Journal– Interview Part 1 & Part 2 with editor Dawn Vogel for my short story “The Weeping Bolo” in the anthology Battling in All Her Finery (published July 24, 2018).
    • Reckoning – Interview (focused on environmental issues) for “A Wispy Chastening” with editor Michael J. DeLuca (published January 16, 2018).