Stories, poems and more!

I’ve been taking a bit of a social media breather, but thought I’d stop in and provide some updates from the last few months:


I’m happy to announce that my story, “Fresh and Imminent Taste of Cucumbers,” is now available to read with the purchase of the latest issue of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet (No. 39).



“Bristling Skim,” a short story, is now available to read in the Upper Rubber Boots anthology, Sharp & Sugar Tooth, edited by Octavia Cade.



“Self-Deconstructing Smart Luggage Held at Gate 46A,” a flash story, is now available to read in the Wagonbridge Publishing anthology, Lost & Found, edited by Terri Karsten.
Lost Cover front small file


My flash story, “Donut Dimension,” is now available to read with a subscription to Factor Four Magazine.


Deep Signal anthology (with my story “Migration”) editor Eric Olive has posted a video of the digital proof of the printed copy being flipped through.



Little Blue Marble, specializing on climate fiction, will soon be publishing my story, “Seedless.”


My poem, “Toledo,” is up on Strange Horizons. Podcast available, too.StrangeHorizons_Toledo_poem_DAXiaolinSpires.png


…and I got some poetry award nominations.

Wheewwww. Pretty excited about all this. 🙂


My novelette, “But, Still, I Smile” is now available to read in Clarkesworld!

My novelette, “But, Still, I Smile” is now available to read in Clarkesworld!
Podcast by the talented Kate Baker is forthcoming.

I have to say:

Killer cover!

Alien Abstract VI by Arthur Haas

Such jellyfish-like silkiness & delicate transparency! I like the swirls, too. Colors are gorgeous & ethereal—earthy green & touch of pink + vertebrae/fin pattern reminding me of shusui koi.

I’m still stunned by how beautiful the cover is…


& looking forward to the good reads!

Rhysling nominations for “Atomic Numbers” and “nakajiru”!

I’m very pleased to announce that my poems “Atomic Numbers” and “nakajiru” have been nominated for the Rhysling award.

Wow! I’m so excited. This is the first time for any of my poems to be nominated for any award.

Many thanks to all who have nominated and read my poems. Also, a shoutout to talented poet Deborah Davitt who I know really enjoyed “nakajiru.” We also have co-written poems (with amazing poet Gretchen Tessmer) now out in this current issue of Star*Line and in a previous issue.

I feel like this calls for a Riesling joke… raise a glass? **clink**

Star*Line Winter 2019 poems out now!

Star*Line 42.1 Winter 2019 is out!

—with poems I’ve (co-)written or translated, including:

“XenoPoetry: Untitled” by Shiyi Li and translated by me
“a nano message” (a Valentine’s Day poem!)
“Paprika Dust”
a haiku (“cinnamon tentacles, cardamom suckers”)
“Balancing Act” by Deborah L. Davitt, Gretchen Tessmer and me!

—with thanks to Editor Vince Gotera!

“Paprika Dust” is selected as one of the Editor’s Choice poems (my first ever!) and can be read online here.

Mary Soon Lee, who has some fun New Year’s Resolutions to share in her latest poem (also Editor’s Choice) in Star*Line, tweeted some kind words about “Paprika Dust”: