my poem “pacemaker” is named as Recommended Reading: Rhysling-Eligible Poetry of 2018 by specpotpourri.

Brittany Hause of specpotpourri has recommended my poem, “pacemaker,” in “Recommended Reading: Rhysling-Eligible Poetry of 2018.”

It’s always such a delightful surprise to get reviews of poetry—and Brittany Hause shed some kind words for this one:

“This poem is just plain fun… Much of the enjoyment of “pacemaker,” for me, lies in the whimsical wording of the contrasts… Recommended for anyone currently hankering for a quick read to put a little pep in their step.”

—Thanks to Holly Lyn Walrath who edited Issue 28 of Eye to the Telescope, in which the poem “pacemaker” first appeared!

—Also thanks to the editorial team of Shoreline of Infinity (SFF magazine based in Scotland)—Noel Chidwick, Rachel Plummer and Russell Jones—for inclusion of this poem “pacemaker” in the Multiverse anthology, alongside “atomic numbers” and a host of other wonderful international poetry.

And wow, 2019 is just around the corner!


Stories out now and more to come!

Some announcements that came in while I’m still reeling from the holidays:

DNA vahetus” (Estonian translation of “DNA Exchange”) is now also available to read in Algernon. Many thanks to translator Sander Vesik and the editorial team (Kristjan Sander).

Lips Turned Moonlight, Hair Turned Soft Regolith” is now available to read in Truancy.

Two poetry acceptances in Star*Line: “Paprika Dust” and a haiku “cinnamon tentacles, cardamom suckers.” Forthcoming.

“Onyx Woods and the Grains of Deception” is accepted in Clarkesworld!

Happy to announce that my story “Onyx Woods and the Grains of Deception” is accepted and forthcoming in Clarkesworld Magazine!

Here’s another version of an illustration I threw together with a help of a friend who did the axe:


The protagonist is a female lumberjack of these hallowed woods. Hence, the ax.

Original photos by Josh Rose and Diego PH.

2018 Awards Eligibilty (fiction)

For those of you nominating for awards, here are some stories (one novelette and the rest short stories) of mine published this year (2018) that are eligible for awards.


“Vault” — Clarkesworld, read / listen

Short stories:

“Waves of Influence” — Clarkesworld, read / listen

“Marshmallows” — Clarkesworld read / listen

“Five Tangibles and One” — Terraform (Vice: Motherboard), read

“The Weeping Bolo” — Mad Scientist Journal anthology, Battling in All Her Finery, edited by Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman

“Path to Infinity” — Kasma SF, read

Flash Fiction (Short stories):

“Pendants of Precariousness” — Fireside, read

“Before the Burst” — Fireside, read

“Ferromagnetism” — Nature: Futures, read

“DNA exchange” — Nature: Futures, read

“Eyes that Linger” — Galaxy’s Edge

“The Astounding Life of Penny Wu” — Factor Four Magazine

“Missed Connections of the Cosmic Aluminum-Alloyed Kind” — Outlook Springs

“Twelve/Twelve” — Kraxon Magazine read

“20 mechanical catcalls hitting Meifeng square in the face on the streets of New York City in 2025” — Future Visions anthology, edited by Brian J. Walton

“Okuritsuridashi” — Factor Four Magazine, read

“Marshmallows” is now available to read (and listen) in Clarkesworld Magazine

My augmented reality holiday story “Marshmallows” is now available to read in Clarkesworld Magazine!

—alongside stories by Alan Bao, Eleanna Castroianni, Sheldon J. Pacotti, Zhang Ran (translated by Andy Dudak) and Kelly Robson


Or listen to the narration of “Marshmallows” by the talented Kate Baker.

—with thanks to Neil Clarke and the editorial team!

This story is partly inspired by Marie Vibbert‘s “Stepping out of Stream.” The two stories touch on similar themes of augmented reality and unusual encounters. I highly recommend her work!

“Waves of Influence” now translated into Vietnamese and published in SFVN Magazine!

My story, “Waves of Influence,” originally published in Clarkesworld, is now translated into Vietnamese by Trà My as “LÀN SÓNG ẢNH HƯỞNG” and available to read in SFVN Magazine!

This fanzine looks gorgeous and I’m delighted to be published alongside works by Holly Schofield and Marie Vibbert!

—with thanks to editor Long Nguyen and the SFVN editorial team

“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” now available to read in Estonian!

“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” aka “Suvu ehk uljaspäine armastus” is out now in Estonian translation in Reaktor!

—with thanks to:
translator Talvike Mändla
Reaktor EIC Triin Loide

Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #69 edited by Tom Dullemond & selected for the Year’s Best issue.

It’s so fun seeing my stories in other languages. I’m looking through this to see if I can read any of it (if there are any cognates) and I see:

programmeeritud = programmed
plastmassist = plastic
innovaatilist= innovative
komponentide = components
atmosfääri = atmosphere
kontaktid= contacts
advokaatidest = lawyers
meloodilise= melodic

and my faves:
tualettpaberi = toilet paper
spiraalseid galaktikaid = spiral galaxies

and false cognates such as:
armastus, which I thought meant “armistice” but means “love” (though I guess a truce for peace is a kind of love?)

I also like these words:
töötleb = left behind. (Just the two ö’s seem neat to me.)
sõnaassotsiatsioone = word associations
ajalooprofessor= history professor (I enjoy these compound words.)

Doing all this translation look-up, I noticed that the ending “d” seems to pluralize nouns and on verbs in some cases makes it past tense. I looked it up and it’s only for some conjugations. This is all very interesting.