Rhysling nominations for “Atomic Numbers” and “nakajiru”!

I’m very pleased to announce that my poems “Atomic Numbers” and “nakajiru” have been nominated for the Rhysling award.

Wow! I’m so excited. This is the first time for any of my poems to be nominated for any award.

Many thanks to all who have nominated and read my poems. Also, a shoutout to talented poet Deborah Davitt who I know really enjoyed “nakajiru.” We also have co-written poems (with amazing poet Gretchen Tessmer) now out in this current issue of Star*Line and in a previous issue.

I feel like this calls for a Riesling joke… raise a glass? **clink**


Star*Line Winter 2019 poems out now!

Star*Line 42.1 Winter 2019 is out!

—with poems I’ve (co-)written or translated, including:

“XenoPoetry: Untitled” by Shiyi Li and translated by me
“a nano message” (a Valentine’s Day poem!)
“Paprika Dust”
a haiku (“cinnamon tentacles, cardamom suckers”)
“Balancing Act” by Deborah L. Davitt, Gretchen Tessmer and me!

—with thanks to Editor Vince Gotera!

“Paprika Dust” is selected as one of the Editor’s Choice poems (my first ever!) and can be read online here.

Mary Soon Lee, who has some fun New Year’s Resolutions to share in her latest poem (also Editor’s Choice) in Star*Line, tweeted some kind words about “Paprika Dust”:



2018 poetry packet available—ping me!

Anyone nominating or voting for speculative/SFF poetry awards?

I have my 2018 poetry packet ready for you. Just hit me up on the contact page. Felt pretty good I finally got this thing together!

I’m also a SFPA member now so eligible to nominate and vote for various poetry awards. Just sent in my Rhysling nominations—and will send in the Dwarf Stars (10 lines and under) ones later this year.

“Swings and Suspension” in Gorgon!

My story, “Swings and Suspension,” is now available to read with the purchase of Gorgon: Stories of Emergence (Pantheon Magazine)!

“Be changed. GORGON: STORIES OF EMERGENCE contains 42 transformative stories spanning all genres from both emerging and new voices alike, with all new stories by Gwendolyn Kiste, Richard Thomas, Annie Neugebauer, Eden Royce, Beth Cato, D.A. Xiaolin Spires and more, and featuring 10 illustrations by Carrion House.”

My story is set in Taiwan.

—with thanks to Editor Sarah Read and the editorial team.

my poem “pacemaker” is named as Recommended Reading: Rhysling-Eligible Poetry of 2018 by specpotpourri.

Brittany Hause of specpotpourri has recommended my poem, “pacemaker,” in “Recommended Reading: Rhysling-Eligible Poetry of 2018.”

It’s always such a delightful surprise to get reviews of poetry—and Brittany Hause shed some kind words for this one:

“This poem is just plain fun… Much of the enjoyment of “pacemaker,” for me, lies in the whimsical wording of the contrasts… Recommended for anyone currently hankering for a quick read to put a little pep in their step.”

—Thanks to Holly Lyn Walrath who edited Issue 28 of Eye to the Telescope, in which the poem “pacemaker” first appeared!

—Also thanks to the editorial team of Shoreline of Infinity (SFF magazine based in Scotland)—Noel Chidwick, Rachel Plummer and Russell Jones—for inclusion of this poem “pacemaker” in the Multiverse anthology, alongside “atomic numbers” and a host of other wonderful international poetry.

And wow, 2019 is just around the corner!

Stories out now and more to come!

Some announcements that came in while I’m still reeling from the holidays:

DNA vahetus” (Estonian translation of “DNA Exchange”) is now also available to read in Algernon. Many thanks to translator Sander Vesik and the editorial team (Kristjan Sander).

Lips Turned Moonlight, Hair Turned Soft Regolith” is now available to read in Truancy.

Two poetry acceptances in Star*Line: “Paprika Dust” and a haiku “cinnamon tentacles, cardamom suckers.” Forthcoming.

“Onyx Woods and the Grains of Deception” is accepted in Clarkesworld!

Happy to announce that my story “Onyx Woods and the Grains of Deception” is accepted and forthcoming in Clarkesworld Magazine!

Here’s another version of an illustration I threw together with a help of a friend who did the axe:


The protagonist is a female lumberjack of these hallowed woods. Hence, the ax.

Original photos by Josh Rose and Diego PH.