“Waves of Influence” now translated into Vietnamese and published in SFVN Magazine!

My story, “Waves of Influence,” originally published in Clarkesworld, is now translated into Vietnamese by Trà My as “LÀN SÓNG ẢNH HƯỞNG” and available to read in SFVN Magazine!

This fanzine looks gorgeous and I’m delighted to be published alongside works by Holly Schofield and Marie Vibbert!

—with thanks to editor Long Nguyen and the SFVN editorial team


“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” now available to read in Estonian!

“Suvu and Swashbuckling Love” aka “Suvu ehk uljaspäine armastus” is out now in Estonian translation in Reaktor!

—with thanks to:
translator Talvike Mändla
Reaktor EIC Triin Loide

Originally published in Andromeda Spaceways #69 edited by Tom Dullemond & selected for the Year’s Best issue.

It’s so fun seeing my stories in other languages. I’m looking through this to see if I can read any of it (if there are any cognates) and I see:

programmeeritud = programmed
plastmassist = plastic
innovaatilist= innovative
komponentide = components
atmosfääri = atmosphere
kontaktid= contacts
advokaatidest = lawyers
meloodilise= melodic

and my faves:
tualettpaberi = toilet paper
spiraalseid galaktikaid = spiral galaxies

and false cognates such as:
armastus, which I thought meant “armistice” but means “love” (though I guess a truce for peace is a kind of love?)

I also like these words:
töötleb = left behind. (Just the two ö’s seem neat to me.)
sõnaassotsiatsioone = word associations
ajalooprofessor= history professor (I enjoy these compound words.)

Doing all this translation look-up, I noticed that the ending “d” seems to pluralize nouns and on verbs in some cases makes it past tense. I looked it up and it’s only for some conjugations. This is all very interesting.

My novelette, “Vault,” is recommended by Karen @ Locus!

My parkouring, abandoned-zone-discovering** novelette, “Vault,” in the June issue of Clarkesworld is recommended by Karen Burnham at Locus Magazine!

According to the review, Karen Burnham is picking up the reins where Gardner Dozois left off, highlighting voices and bringing some attention to SFF short stories! Yay!



**Apologies—lots of words cobbled together there—this is probably me trying to approximate Japanese (wherein a whole clause can serve as an adjective). I’m writing this early in the morning and my mind is probably still switching from dreamspace to wakespace.

(Also, keyboards should have an “—” (em-dash) key. My waking mind is also realizing that the term “em-dash” doesn’t even have the — in it, but rather has the regular dash, which is not really ironic (?), per se, but kind of interesting.)



“The Weeping Bolo” is now published in Battling in All Her Finery anthology—on sale now!

“The Weeping Bolo,” a drastic reimagining of the Bikol (Philippine) epic, Ibalong (featuring a fearsome female fighter), is now published and available to read in the Battling in All Her Finery anthology—on sale now!

—with thanks to Editors Dawn Vogel and Jeremy Zimmerman


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